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Norse mythology and its family tree of gods – among all the above-mentioned mythologies, the norse mythology probably has the vaguest of origins , with its primary scope borrowed from a patchwork of oral traditions and local tales that were conceived in pre-christian scandinavia. The greek gods were more joyful and happy compared to the dark and gloomy norse gods the climate can be the reason for that but it also greatly effected the adventures and stories of the gods with the greek myths you could see that a lot of them were mainly love stories such as venus and adonis, cupid and psyche, and the story of ceres. Although roman and greek mythology are classified in the same category, the two are tremendously diverse the god of war, the copious amount of mythoi, and the relations between the greek and roman gods are only a few of the many comparisons between the two. Free college essay a comparison of greek and norse mythology hundreds of years ago people did not have the technology to explain different forces of nature they created gods, each. The greek mythology compared to nordic mythology view of creation is provided, wherein key terms are clarified and the mythologies are defined the aim is to provide an overview of greek mythology and nordic mythology perception, upon which an understanding of mythology and their impact and how it is viewed in modern day in pop culture can be.

Greek thunder is an unstoppable force, but norse thunder is just a force norse gods exist in a perilous position, indicative of the norse worldview that the current era is temporary and will end odin isn't even really that strong, he's just good at benefiting from his own losses. In mythology: as in the movie, odin is top banana in the norse-god homeworld of asgard in mythology, however, the god is a bit more complex than marvel’s throne-sitting deity in mythology, however, the god is a bit more complex than marvel’s throne-sitting deity. The tradition of women warriors is deeply rooted in ancient greek, celtic, and norse mythology unit 3: the heroic monomyth in mythology and folklore since the beginning of time, humans have told stories of heroes around the hearth or camp fire at night.

Norse mythology vs greek mythology there are many mythologies in the world, and all of these have things in common as well as differences a very popular mythology would be greek mythology, which many people know about it or at least know of it. Norse mythology can easily compared to greek mythology norse mythology was mainly a religion of the northern people during the early middle ages it's followers hailed from lands such as scandinavia, sweden and denmark. - norse mythology vs greek mythology there are many mythologies in the world, and all of these have things in common as well as differences a very popular mythology would be greek mythology, which many people know about it or at least know of it. The greek myths were more playful compared to the norse myths about battle and struggle, usually ending in death there is no myth that there is an end to the greek gods, whereas in norse mythology, there was an end of the world ragnarok- where the greatest heroes of the past would return from the dead to battle.

Similarities and differences between norse and greek mythology this is a picture of zeus similarities between greek and norse mythology both greek and norse people worship powerful beings both are ancient mythologies both greek and norse mythologies are polytheistic. Norse had 7 gods of the sea compared to the 40+ for greek the big picture the norse and greek gods prove to be very similar this is mainly due to because the polytheistic style, and looks that the norse gods were influenced by greek gods. As far as numbers go, that actually goes to norse with 22 primary gods compared to 12 greek both have a variety of secundary gods and while the greeks could set the titans free, that only evens.

Best answer: norse mythology is as interesting as greek mythology the comparison and contrast bring to mind the basis of a traditional belief system for each culture or civilization this reflects not only its social or economic needs, but also its spiritual or religious ones. Two of the world's most famous & oldest mythologies & cultures are the hindu & greek mythologies & culturesthey are the most adored & discussed,there were other prominent cultures & mythologies like the roman,egyptian,norse & of course the biggest religions in today's date the christian & islam,although it was the later part of the time when jesus christ & prophet muhammad dawned but the. Similarities between norse and greek mythology one day, when in greek class we were talking about myth of the creation of the universe, i quickly compare it to its norse.

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  • Learn about the traditional tales greek, roman, norse, egyptian, american indian cultures involving gods, goddesses, monsters, heroes, heroines, and much more.
  • - nores vs greek greek mythology and roman mythology are almost identical this is an accepted fact, as it is widely known that the romans stole the greek myths however, it is very interesting to note that the mythology of the vikings (norse) has many similarities with the greek myths.

That wasn’t always the case, mind you, as prior to god of war’s shift from greek to norse mythology, cory barlog admits that ancient egypt was floated early on in pre-production, but. Yes, you can compare almost any mythology to another for example i could compare zeus and thor this a chart of what they have in common the mythology of scandinavia, which was also widespread. The old testament roots of norse mythology part one of three on the bible roots of early european mythology the religion of the early norse exhibits customs and rituals which bear an amazing correspondence to the religion of the hebrew old testament. Comparison athena does not have a direct counterpart in norse mythology however, she is a major figure in greek mythology and cannot be ignored athena was the most worshipped of the greek gods and goddesses, and in this respect can be compared to thor.

greek and norse mythology compared and All of greek mythology vs all of egyptian and norse mythology since the norse usually lose to the greeks how do they do against the greeks with backup from the egyptians.
Greek and norse mythology compared and
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